SSG - Disruptive Tech Solution

A constellation of Nano-Satellites (approximately 200), placed in carefully selected orbits giving equatorial coverage of the Earth, creating a global communication network for voice, data and instant messaging. Nano-Satellites are fully operational satellites with a mass of less than 10kg. Due to miniatuarization of technology Nano-Satellites are capable to provide accurate attitude and orbit control and communication services. Since the first Nano-Satellite launch in 2003 they became the most popular type of satellites in space for diverse commercial uses. The low mass and high capabilities of Nano-Satellites make them an affordable building blocks for constellations.

SSG - Disruptive Tech Solution

Credit: NASA

SSG - Competitive Advantage

SSG communications constellation shall be the first fully autonomous network based on the following:

  • 4-way inter-satellites links
  • Onboard orbit control
  • Autonomous optimal network management
  • Fully independent space segment

SSG Competitive Advantage

Credit: GomSpace

SSG Services

  • Voice and instant messaging for over than 4 billion people currently without ANY mobile coverage.
  • Band width satellite communication providers
  • Machine-to-Machine
  • Real-time tracking for airliners and shipping companies 
  • Complementary service for cellular networks in Latin Americas, Asian and African regions with poor coverage
  • Ad-hoc disaster and crisis areas solutions
  • Premium secure services

SSG - Possible Markets

Credit: GomSpace